John L Crawford, MD, FACS 

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Publications by John L. Crawford, MD, FACS

Surgical Journal Articles

Shamberger RC, Crawford JL, and Kirkham SE: Progressive Systemic Sclerosis Resulting in Megacolon; A Case Report.
JAMA, 250: 1063-1065, 1983

Crawford ES, Crawford JL, Stowe CL and Safi HJ: Total Aortic Replacement for Chronic Aortic Dissection Occuring in Patients With and Without Marfan's Syndrome
Annals of Surgery, 199:358-359, 1984

Crawford ES, Stowe CL, Crawford JL, Titus JL, Weibaecher DG: Aortic Arch Aneurysm: A Sentinel of Extensive Aortic Disease Requiriing Subtotal and Total Aortic Replacement
Annals of Sugery (In Press)

Crawford JL, Stowe CL, Safi HJ, Hallman CF, Crawford ES: Inflammatory Aneurysms of the Aorta
Journal of Vascular Surgery, 2:133-124, 1985

Maghami E, Crawford JL, Miccolli P, Tlley N: Mulifunctional LigaSure Small Jaw Instrument in Vessel Sealing Procedures, General Surgery News 2012


Disease of the Aorta - An Atlas of Angiographic Pathology and Surgical Technique, E Stanley Crawford, MD and John L Crawford, MD; Williams and Wilkins, 1984

Scientific Exhibits 

Crawford ES, Stowe CL and Crawford JL: Marfan's Syndrome: Board Spectral Surgical Treatment of Cardiovascular Manifestations, Sixty-ninth Annual Clinical Congress, American College of Surgeons, Atlanta, GA, October 16-20, 1983


Crawford ES, Crawford JL, and Stowe CL: Aortic Reconstruction for Diffuse Takayasu's Obstruction of the Thoracic and Abdominal Aorta and its Branches 

Crawford ES, Crawford JL, and Stowe CL: Treatment of Ascending Aortic Aneurysm using Composite Valve Graft and Graft Inclusion.